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BeMuffriend Fan Art!!

BeMuffriend Fan Art!!

Muffriends being represented by my friends! Thank you Willy D!


Some hand painted Muffriends!

Part of will be focused on handcrafted goods. Here are some shirts I painted on. Enjoy! will be GREAT!

Just another random scibble going towards the over all creation of

The website is ours, and in a few day it’ll be another way to reach this site.

Just some random art I’m doing for Muffriends. This is a work in progress based on Picasso’s cubist paintings. Expect this guy finished soon and more Famous Fine Art Muffriends coming up after.

Picasso Muffriend


How ’bout some shirts?

Hello every one, this here is Kenneth, I’m here to lay down some sweet Muffriend info. Over the next few months I will be pumping out plenty of new images to work for and designs for new T-Shirts. Thanks every one for paying attention.Hot for you text, microwave

Hi there!

coming soon…