Some GREAT news for and all of Muffriends out there!

Hey every burdy! I just wanted to get out and tell of Muffriends what’s up!

We have the first batch of shirts being finished the first of next week and this first batch is almost already called for!

We are printing the “Muffriends are baked!” shirt and selling them for $10 a shirt. We only have 24 shirts being made and there’s only a few more I can promise out to people. I’ll have an e-bay account posted for everyone to buy the shirts thru. 🙂

Also!!!!!!! I’ve been working on a few surprises for everyone, which will be launched with the first batch of shirts, but here’s a little teaser! Just click on the picture.


Advertisements has some new art!



BeMuffriend Presents The Bear Story!

A finished illustration, the first in my Hillbilly series.Image

New Digital design for BeMuffriend!

It’s been a hot minute I know, but I’m still pumping these bad boys out.

Lemme know if anyone has any requests!

~Kenneth Animation test!

Currently working on building the main website and graphics that will be used. I don’t believe I’ll use images this size, or have anywhere near this amount of stuff on each image, but we’ll see.



Some hand painted Muffriends!

Part of will be focused on handcrafted goods. Here are some shirts I painted on. Enjoy!